Firstname Stephen
Lastname Stack
Phone Number 2
Email Address
Do you have a Leaving certificate (or equivalent)? No
Year of Leaving certificate completion
Do you have a College/University qualification? No
Name of qualification
Do you have Professional qualifications? No
Please name your Professional qualifications?
Other relevant qualification information
How long have you been caring for children? 1 - 3 Years
admin IPAddress
admin date submission 15/11/2017
How long have you been engaged in home help cleaning work? 3 - 5 years
What age groups have you cared for?
What is your preferred age group to care for?
Do you have other work or life experience that helps you as a nanny?
Do you have an up to date First Aid certificate?
Have you taken classes in child care
Would you be willing to take child care classes if necessary?
Are you fluent in any other languages besides English?
How flexible is your schedule?
What length shift would you prefer?
What days are you available?
What hours are you available?
Would you be available with short notice?
Do you have your own means of transport? (not essential)
Are you willing to cook/do light housework/take care of pets/run errands?
Are there any activities or responsibilities that you can’t or won’t do?
Are you comfortable with the physical demands associated with a position?
Do you have experience with special needs?
Please give details of special needs experience:
Are you willing to do occasional overnight stays with children? (not essential)
Are you willing to stay with the children for a weekend or more if the parents go out of town? (not essential)
Would you be willing to travel with a family on holiday or on business? (not essential)
What experience do you have with house hold tasks? (Detail)
Are you willing to attend a half-day training prior to commencing work (no charge)?
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